Luke Dalton

  • Indie author of speculative fiction and mastermind behind the Ouroboros Saga, featuring The Nightmare’s Truth and Graveyard City

  • Freelance writer and editor

  • Disciple of mindfulness

  • Enough of a tincture of madness to make Aristotle go “Hmmm,” while stroking his beard


Luke Dalton is a massive geek who hears voices and sees things in his head. Some call him mad, others realise he’s seeing worlds they can’t imagine. Thankfully, Luke loves to write - and he’s bloody gifted at it, too. His debut novel, The Nightmare’s Truth, delivers holy-crap-did-that-just-happen moments blended artfully with realism, violence, romance, mythology and morally grey areas, all woven together with spine-chilling supernatural string.


When asked how he came up with the story, Luke is quick to insist he didn’t. He merely serves as the conduit, seeing the story and interpreting for his audience through his words. Perhaps that’s why The Nightmare’s Truth (and subsequent novella, Graveyard City) feel so real and eerily possible - this isn’t gritty fantasy fiction, it’s another reality, recorded on paper.


It’s certainly enough to see why some consider Dalton barmy. That… and his penchant for embracing the weird and wonderful.

Beyond all that, Luke is a zen-practising, gratitude-focused, mindset-studying music-loving media enthusiast who loves cooking, experimenting with hot sauces, holidays, animals, developing his craft, binge-watching shows and spending every possible moment with his super supportive and exceptionally talented girlfriend.