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Luke Dalton, indie author, writer

Luke Dalton

  • Indie author

  • Copywriter, Editor, SEO-er, Content Manager

  • Natural-born storyteller

  • Practical psychology student

  • Something of a genius in the kitchen

As a fiction author, I’m here to whisk you far away from this life and give you the priceless gift of escapism. I’m here to show you worlds you would otherwise only dream of, to give you a lifeline when all else fails and nothing else matters. To bring you perspective through prose, and, above all, unforgettable entertainment.


As a copywriter, I’m here to enter your customers’ minds and weave words that speak to their deepest desires. I’m here to connect you to those who don’t just want you, they need you.


As an editor and content manager, you can count on me to make your writing shine brighter than before and be Google's new best friend - error-free, search-optimised, organised, on-time, and a purposeful, strategic element of your digital marketing.


In the kitchen… Well, if you’re ever so privileged, I will blow you away with some culinary wizardry (and maybe a little hot sauce sorcery… but that’s not really why we’re here today, is it?).


If you’d like to learn more about me or my journey so far, check out my FAQ page, follow me on social media, or reach out through my contact page. (I don’t bite - I’ll leave that to certain characters.)

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