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The Nightmare's Truth
Graveyard City

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Welcome to the world of author Luke Dalton.


The only genres I’ve loved as much as horror fiction and dark fantasy are superhero or historical outings, especially those which draw from the murky mists of mythology. 


I struggled to pen my books under a specific genre umbrella for some time. Am I writing horror fiction stories, a dark fantasy series or supernatural horror?


Fair to say, if you love such speculative fiction as Buffy or The Witcher, you’re going to love this hard-hitting dark fantasy series (my preferred go-to label since everyone scrunches their nose in confusion when you drop speculative fiction in the conversation).

Ouroboros Saga logo, The Nigtmare's Truth, Graveyard City

I love a story which blurs the genre lines more than anything.


The world needs more fiction that does it. We deserve such adventurous and artful storytelling. So I threw my hat in the ring and set to writing!


I’ve lived and breathed dark fantasy stories my whole life, studying through enjoyment of the gifts of the greats, from Whedon to Gaiman, Rice to Salvatore, Pratchett to Tarantino, and linked my learnings with wider genres to hone a compelling, emotion-tugging, thoroughly developed storytelling technique.


All I wish is to share it with you.


So gather round the fire, friends, for some speculative fiction you’ll never forget.


Luke Dalton


Ouroboros Saga logo, The Nigtmare's Truth, Graveyard City

The Ouroboros Saga

These books are not for the faint of heart.


I draw from the darkness of horror fiction, be it fantastical, mythological, supernatural or rooted in human nature. Yes, here thar be monsters, but true horror, dark fantasy, or any section of speculative fiction achieves its strength when it boldly touches our hearts, hopes and fears.


This is not a dark fantasy series for those who need a happy ending.


This is fantasy fiction for any who crave a world so real that you question your own reality, filled with characters to bond with like a new best friend, and those unafraid to question the universe, the meaning of right, wrong or destiny.


Are these dark fantasy stories about vampires, monsters and magic? No. It’s a drama of discovery and destiny, but they’re a feature, along with more mythological, supernatural and sci-fi doses of strange and wonderful than you can imagine.

The Nightmare's Truth, Luke Dalton

Survivor Tales

While the main arc is underway, I’ve introduced the Survivor Tales - standalone novellas perfect for newcomers without the time for a full novel and those looking to dive deeper into this shadowy supernatural world.

Graveyard City, Luke Dalton