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On Work...


Are you available to hire for writing projects?


This is my bread and butter (alongside a part-time job in marketing). Check out my writing services page for more info and get in touch!

Why should I hire you?

No one understands motivation like a student of practical psychology, and a natural-born storyteller who’s lived inside a thousand characters’ heads. Whether it’s copywriting or content you need writing, editing, or managing, I’m the guy who’ll weave it together and call to your audience’s deepest desires.


And, as an added bonus, you’ll not meet anyone more organised than I am - I’d wager cold hard cash on that.

Luke Dalton, indie author, peering over the top of The Lord of the Rings trilogy book, standing in front of a bookshelf

On Books...

Why should I read your books?

You’re a lover of fantasy fiction, dystopia, and all things supernatural. Vampires, magic, demons, zombies - these all tick many boxes for you, but you also love exploring beyond the surface of these themes. From the history of our world if these were real, to the deeply rooted questions of morality and good vs evil.

You long for your next book best-friend, for the next villain to despise, digest, understand, and maybe even love. And, on top of it all, you crave a sprawling, no-holds-barred dark fantasy series where the good guys don’t always win, and the apocalypse isn’t just coming… it’s here.

What are your main inspirations?

I’d be remiss not to mention Buffy at the top of this list, and a fool to try and detail every influence I draw from. The Witcher stories have also had a huge influence on my writing though, ditto Marvel, Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, R A Salvatore’s Legend of Drizzt series. Oh, and pretty much the entirety of Grecian/Nordic/Egyptian mythology.

I could go on, reel off the actions of real people, global events, or wax lyrical about the inspiration of nature's entwined beauty and cruelty... but I won't.

How did you self-publish your book?

I paid a sorceress. Twas a lovely trade.


By which I mean (after spending endless hours writing, editing and overcoming the “I’m not worthy” mindset), I used Amazon’s KDP platform. It couldn’t be easier - if you can create a Facebook account, you can use this.



What advice do you have for someone wanting to write and release a novel?

Firstly, it’s gonna take time. Don’t rush and don’t judge yourself. We all think what we’ve written stinks worse than dog farts at times - it’s usually called a first draft. Drafts are dirty, editing brings the shine.


Second, learn to accept feedback as the lesson it is. This is how you improve. Stop taking it personally and find a way to be better. It’s all in the mindset.


Third, don’t expect to get rich quick. Writing, editing, hiring a cover designer - these are the easy parts. Try explaining what your book’s about, nailing your brand or promoting yourself - yikes!


You won’t be good at everything right away, but you only fail when you stop trying.



Is it expensive to self-publish?

It doesn’t have to be.


Unless you’re a pro designer, you should consider hiring someone for the cover art. Don’t try and skimp out here. A great cover needn’t be expensive, but you can spot one the author made themselves a mile off.


Editing is pricey if you pay for an editor… or you can use Pro Writing Aid like I do. It’s affordable, versatile and powerful. After my first 1-year licence ran out, I upgraded to lifetime access (and no, I’m not being paid to promote these guys, just being honest).


The excuse that self-publishing is too expensive is utter garbage.



What genre do you write?

I hate genres, they feel so restricting. I write the stories I see. Stories about people, choices, emotions and life… which just happen to be wrapped up in a blanket of supernatural shenanigans, mythology and more action than you can shake a poison-tipped scimitar at.


Fans of Neil Gaiman, Anne Rice, Joss Whedon, Andrzej Sapkowski, George R.R. Martin, R.A Salvatore, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez or similar will be in their element.



Are you accepting beta or ARC readers?

I’m always open to discussing either! Get in touch via social media or my contact page and let’s chat it out.

Open books arranged in an 'L' shape, stained and burned pages scattered nearby along with writing quills and leaves, book art by Luke Dalton author

On Me...​

Are you wearing mascara?

Nope. It’s just my eyelashes. Sorry to disappoint.



Where are you from?

Norwich, England, born and bred. Or as I like to call it, The Shire… make your own connections!


Yes, my American friends, that means I spell differently to you. Try not to lose your marbles over it.

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