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Graveyard City

Novella 1 of The Ouroboros Saga's Survior Tales

GENRE: Dark Urban Fantasy / Dystopia / Speculative Fiction




Hiding in the heart of London's corpse, leaders of a motley family of orphaned youths struggle to salvage hope in the face of futility.


Day by day, reality erodes optimism. Loss and despair poison each second. A gruesome end, or joining with the country's bloodthirsty overlords, seems with growing certainty the sole hand left to be dealt.


Surrender was never high on Jessie's priorities, or her brother, Scott's.


When a scavenging mission puts the siblings in the path of monsters they'd longed to evade, a chance encounter with an extraordinary couple ignites the fires of kismet.


But who does destiny favour?


Is fate a cruel jest or a divining path? Are we all pawns in the great game, or do some stand as knights? Defenders. Hunters.


Do we choose, or are we chosen?

3D mockup of dark, apocalyptic urban fantasy book Graveyard City, a Survivor Tale novella set in The Ouroboros Saga by indie author Luke Dalton
5 star, rating

“Immensely engaging and thoroughly enjoyable - an excellent read.”

“A smoothly energetic plot.”

“A well written glimpse into a dark, dystopian future.”

GC Chapter Sample
The Ouroboros Saga logo, Graveyard City, indie author Luke Dalton


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