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Hire A Writer

Words are powerful, but they're not everyone's strength.

Worried your writing lacks punch? Biting your nails over this word or that? Losing sleep over producing the perfect piece or who has the skills to sharpen those edges, catch the errors and polish that shine?

You're not alone.

I have been writing in a professional capacity since 2016, and my diverse skills are at your disposal.

Beginning professionally in the role of technical author for an established Tech Track 100 company, with a focus on training materials, my journey since has expanded into fiction writing, marketing, website content, copywriting, web design, content creation and SEO writing.

A writer and editor rolled into one, I wield a lifelong license to a powerful editing software guaranteed to catch minutiae even the most hawk-eyed would miss. This software proved an invaluable companion when self-publishing my novel.



Technical Authoring


WIX website design



£16/$20 hourly*

*Retainer fees may apply.

Please note, rates may vary depending on work involved. Please contact me to discuss your project in depth.