Appleberry Farms
(spec ad)

Copywriting sample from Luke Dalton, Appleberry Farms advert

Client: Appleberry Farms (fictional company)


Industry: Organic Food


Target Audience: Mothers, ages 25–45, whose children are school age (kindergarten through  12th grade). They want to feed their children healthy food and try to fit vegetables into every meal. Dinnertime is a busy time for them, though, and trying to cook the meal, help with homework, and catch up with their spouses and children often leaves them feeling frazzled. They often wish that there was an easier way to create healthy meals.  

Project: B2C, 1x print ad for newspaper, Broadsheet, 11.55” x 21”

Challenge: The ad needed to catch the eye of mothers fitting the target audience specification, and convince them that the new Simply Healthy Steamed Veggies product is the answer to all their mealtime struggles.


This project was designed to introduce this new product and increase its sales. It needed to sound fun, friendly, promotional, sincere, and empathetic. It needed to hook the audience fast and bring the deep benefits (less stress, more family time, increased happiness) to the forefront.

Solution: My strategy for this copy was to play into the stressful element of motherhood, hooking readers with a bold and unexpected headline, followed by the swift reveal of the core, surface benefit (50% off).


I designed the rest of the copy to tell a story while highlighting the deeper benefits of successfully parenting your children (with less stress for you), using concrete language and guarantees to build credibility; this helps the concept stick in the audience’s mind, and encourages them to picture themselves in the story, enjoying the 

benefits Simply Healthy Steamed Veggies would bring them, and drive them to take the desired action of purchasing a bag.

My copy focuses on appealing to the deep benefits of less stress, because people are more motivated to escape pain than chase pleasure. I also play into the benefit angle of doing the best by your kids and family, to help stimulate the reader to visualise themselves using the product and enjoying the benefits.