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Copywriting sample from Luke Dalton, Cheetos landing page

Client: Cheetos


Industry: Snack Food Producer


Target Audience: Men and women in college ages 18–22. They have a lot of options when it  comes to snack food and appreciate things that taste good and don’t spoil/ go stale quickly. They already know and like Cheetos.  


Project: B2C, 1x landing page for contest entry (995 x 600px)

Challenge: This landing page needed to shout the benefits out clearly to a youthful, busy and often distracted audience of college students. The primary goal was to get readers to type their first names, email addresses, and phone numbers into the form to enter the Cheetos University contest. The secondary goal was to get the readers to share the contest with their friends/social network.

Solution: My strategy for this copy involved playing into the desire for recognition and acclaim, presenting the benefits as both unlimited Cheetos and heightened popularity on campus. Using inclusive you-based phrasing and concrete language, I quickly wove a story to draw in readers and get them to imagine themselves as the contest winner, thereby compelling them to take action.


In order to also achieve the secondary goal of the campaign, I created extra incentive by offering additional contest entries for those who share the landing page to their social media or email lists.