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Early release sucker-punch!

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

GOOD MORNING you beautiful bunch!

So, you might have heard that last night, my debut dark fantasy novel, The Nightmare's Truth, was officially released into the wilds.

That's right. Amazon just couldn't contain it any longer!!

The Nightmare's Truth is officially available to purchase!

I was so hoping the print & digital releases would tie in with each other, but I suppose this is the gods of Amazon's way of making sure the first to act will have a copy in their hands by the 31st. I can dig that. They've got your back, lovers of flesh-and-blood books. No waiting around while eBook fans jump chapters ahead of you. I must admit, it threw me a little to receive an email letting me know my book is available around 30 hours before I intended. But when life throws you lemons, you learn how to dodge, and look smooth AF doing so. I'd had content planned, the dance moves all rehearsed, and then BAM. Sucker Punch. All that build-up content scattered to the winds.

The video I had planned for this was pretty extraordinary, too. Joss Whedon was attached to direct, Tarantino and Rodriguez served as style consultants, Michael Bay was even lending some explosives. It would have been bloody spectacular. Probably even better than Avengers: Endgame. That was super hard to write without cracking up! As you can tell, my marbles have clearly spilled EVERYWHERE - I’m just THAT excited!


Anyway, enough rambling. If you’re looking to get your fantasy fix while being teased by all those MARVELous trailers of upcoming releases, if you’re holed up awaiting the long-promised winter with eager anticipation and nervous butterflies (who’s gonna make it to the end?! AAAHH!!!), then you’re in luck! Use one of the links below to jump over to Amazon and grab your copy of The Nightmare’s Truth today!


Currently, these are the only marketplaces to show the physical copy in stock, but the rest of the world will soon be catching up! 🔥 Anyone who's already pre-ordered the eBook version, you'll receive your copy as soon as the clock ticks over to the 31st. 🔥 Also, anyone who takes photos of their copy (you know the ones I mean: the artistic shot; the holiday-read photo; the “Ahh! Look what just showed up!” capture) will receive bonus points. Whoever posts a review gets an instant 7x multiplier. Don’t ask what these points are for, the answer is simply FAR too existential to describe. Suffice to say, you’ll feel an indescribable, irreplaceable warmth at having done me a MASSIVE solid, and I will never forget (I’m like an elephant, basically). And when my novels are rubbing shoulders on the shelves with the likes of Gaiman or Pratchett (it could happen!) you’ll be glad you did what you could to help the fledgling author. Trust me, I’ve seen the future.


Lastly, it's time to announce the GIVEAWAY WINNERS!

I have 2 winners to announce from 2 separate contests. So, without further ado...

🔥 The first winner of a signed copy of The Nightmare's Truth goes to...... Kea Nurse! 🔥 And our second winner goes tooo..... Samantha Ackland! These 2 lucky travellers will receive a free, signed copy of The Nightmare’s Truth. We’ll message in private so I can get your prize sent out direct via carrier pigeon without prying eyes.


It has been such a wild ride getting to this point. I'll be making so much noise over the coming days, but I wanted to take this opportunity to offer my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has helped & supported me in achieving this goal.

I love you all.

Now fly! What are you waiting for? Buy my book 😋

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