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Respect the path, embrace the journey, change your story

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

We’ve all been there, right? You set off down the yellow brick road full of ambitious ideas & whimsical smiles, confident in the destination that awaits you. Then as the journey reveals more to you, of you, as the path forks ahead and you find yourself with a decision, what do you do?

Keep following that yellow road because that was always the plan, even though it leads through the foreboding forest of chills? You know the kind I mean, where dark clouds loom overhead and clawed branches reach from the trees to ensnare passers-by, where thunder cracks overhead and lightning churns the earth and illuminates the imposing castle. Yeah, that one. The one spelling ominous disaster. Or do you change paths? Of course, it all depends on your objective, right? If Castle Dracula is everything you ever wanted, if this path was indeed the only way to reach your goals, well you might have your choice formed for you. But what if it’s not? What if you realise it’s all a perception? The illusion of no alternative presented by the mind. A mind caught in its own web, so focused on the destination it cannot appreciate the journey itself. True, much can be said of sacrifice, of struggle, toil and persistence, however, there are fine lines between such concepts and pure stubborn refusal to accept another idea, another path. And there is always another path. So often I see the Lost trudging on into that nightmare forest, determined to follow their own damn yellow brick road, the route they deemed best for them, the trail blazed by others which they’ve become convinced they too must travel. Blinded by the light, sold on the dream, oblivious to reality. Too many times, I’ve known those who’ve been broken by it. Destroyed in pursuit of a destination rather than savouring every drop of their journey. Not me. Fuck that. You like quotes? Me too. Here's one for ya...

"Pride can take its wasted coaxing and (im)politely shove it."

That’s not to say I’m not as determined as the next guy to reach the dream destination, but I will forever be an appreciator of the journey, and of balance.


My point behind all this is that, unfortunately, it has become clear to me through a whole host of reasons that there is a fork in the path I tread, and changes to the journey ahead. Owing to a whole host of reasons, first and foremost being unforgivable hardware bitchiness (which has utterly ruined my intended videos to discuss this), today’s video will be the final instalment of Between the Sword and Stone (for now). At least in video format. I could elaborate further, but why bother? Do you really want a list of reasons? All you need to know is: I am not driven by any foolish pride which would see me continue down an unsustainable route towards my goal. Nor will I ever be. I’m telling this story. I shape it, not the other way around, and the story I choose to tell is not one where I am bound, a helpless pawn to my own preconceived devices. I’m living my life, to the best I can, and in constant search of balance. My quest to explore the magic of stories continues, and I hope anyone interested will follow the journey as it migrates to the world of the Blog. To any and all who indulge my flavourful ramblings, thank you. I love you all.

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