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The Nightmare's Truth

Book 1 of The Ouroboros Saga

GENRE: Dark Urban Fantasy / Dystopia / Speculative Fiction


“Their suffering would only be greater were the truth revealed. What awaits you... what awaits us... it is no place for a mortal.”


Life's complicated when the woman you love is also your best friend... and the singer in your band.


But when violent, vivid nightmares of ancient wars, and enchanting visions of an enigmatic woman bleed into his waking life, Ty fears his sanity itself may be at stake.


Are these mere dreams, or do they conceal a sinister secret? Is his new masterpiece the key to the band's stardom, or a summons to something deeper? Is the world too far gone to care?


When Eilyssa – the ethereal muse of his visions – steps into Ty's reality with a startling revelation, he knows nothing will ever be the same.


Drawn into a deadly race against an apocalyptic prophecy, Ty is forced to face his darkest truth and reconcile who he is with who he once was – coming to terms with his rebirth in the supernatural world, what it means for those he holds to heart, and his own humanity.


Embrace the impossible.

3D mockup of dark, supernatural urban fantasy book The Nightmare's Truth, part 1 of The Ouroboros Saga by indie author Luke Dalton
5 stars, rating

“Genre mash-up at its pure brilliance.”

“A wonderful exploration into a dark and desperate world.”

“Exciting, immersive and addictive!”

Chapters 1-3
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The Ouroboros Saga logo, The Nigtmare's Truth, indie author Luke Dalton


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