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Indie author Luke Dalton, author of The Nightmare's Truth, holding book one in the dark fantasy series

“The unaimed arrow never misses.”

“Neil Gaiman may be the King of Fantasy... but you are now the Prince.”

- possibly the finest compliment my writing has or will ever receive.

It's a bold claim.


Why not see for yourself?

Click the books for your FREE sample of pulse-pounding dark fantasy series
The Ouroboros Saga

3D mockup of dark, supernatural urban fantasy book The Nightmare's Truth, part 1 of The Ouroboros Saga by indie author Luke Dalton
3D mockup of dark, apocalyptic urban fantasy book Graveyard City, a Survivor Tale novella set in The Ouroboros Saga by indie author Luke Dalton
The Nightmare's Truth dark fantasy book title image, indie novel by author Luke Dalton

the debut novel from indie author

Luke Dalton

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Luke Dalton indie author, writing and planning his dark fantasy book series - The Ouroboros Saga

"I meditate because it's the surest way to gain superpowers. No joke! Though if anyone knows the whereabouts of a certain radioactive spider, I'm all ears..."

Luke Dalton

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