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COVID Can't Crush Our Spirits

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Times are tough right now ☣️ This COVID chaos has hit some of us harder than others, but all have surely felt the sting one way or another.

I can but hope you're keeping busy, finding enjoyment in your days rather than tearing out your hair (there are easier ways to trial the Heisenberg look).

And while we applaud from doorways for our brave heroes and tune in daily for a dose of "what next?", the world heals.

For our health and the sake of the Earth itself, we gotta do this 🙏🌎

Stay inside. Stop being society as we've known it. Hunker down and survive.

As an artist, I'm used to being somewhat of a hermit (though damn if I don't love the sunshine and lament the loss of this year's Download Festival).

The worst thing about this for me is being so far from the woman I love 😔

But I'm grateful.

That she's safe. That I am, too, as are my family. That life will go on and that I managed to score some loo roll 🧻😅

We're all in this together. It's up to each of us to make this lockdown succeed and help our brave healthcare heroes fighting off this pandemic 🚑

But we're all sailing these uncertain, stormy seas in different ships.

Some have lost jobs. Others, their loved ones. Some have no homes to lockdown in. Plenty are fed while many more starve (and I mean this with regards to ALL forms of nourishment, not just food).

How we cope is individual.

Beyond doing my part to stem the tide of this plague through social distancing (the real kind, not the "fuck you" kind embraced by the Covidiots who think they know better 🤬), I wanted to find some way to do something to help. Even if it's only small.

I'm not off work with an abundance of suddenly free time. It's pretty much business as usual for me, since I make my living sitting behind a keyboard with words ✒️

But I realise as the wave of users hits the Netflix servers, all but crashing them in your hours of need, that I've found a simple solution.

It may not be much. Some may even snub such an idea. But plenty of people, myself included, rely on escapism. In times like these more than ever.

There. That's where I can help.

Of course, I'm here for anyone in need (assuming there's anything I can do, please just ask!), but escapism is my bag.

It's what I do.


From 1st-5th April, I've made my debut novel free on Amazon. The ebook version, so you can instantly download. Social distance friendly.

It might not be for you... But it's free. It takes all of a minute to find out. And if it's not, so be it.

Maybe you know someone who it's a better fit for.

  • Where The Witcher meets Buffy

  • Free instant download

  • 42 chapters of supernatural, apocalyptic badassery

  • Contains captivation spell to claim your focus for days

  • Better than scarfing isolation snacks to pass the time

  • Books make you smarter. Fact

Stories have always helped me cope and given me strength when life drained mine away.

They help us make sense of the world.

So, anyone who needs a new story to lose themselves in - our world may be closed for business, but MY world is wide open and welcoming (in the somewhat savage sense of the word 😈).

Grab your free copy here 👉

Free for the first five days of April. (This runs on PDT, so will be free as of 8am GMT on April 1st.)

We've got a long way to go before we're out of these woods. However we can, let's support each other through this.

The smallest moments can have the biggest impacts. Nothing is insignificant.

Stay safe, everyone ✌️💖

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