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Don't Stop! Keep Going! - It's All About Momentum

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Great Zeus' beard, has it really been 3 weeks? I guess the idea that I'd be talking about maintaining momentum after 'time off' like that probably seems fairly high on the you-hypocritical-bastard scale, huh? Truth is, the timing couldn't be any better. I'm gonna keep this super brief, promise...

You've probably done, or at least started, some fairly awe-worthy stuff in your time. Whether you carried on full-steam ahead and are still in the thick of it, or whether we're talking about a dream you once explored and then abandoned for whatever reason, there's something. And even if that moon-landing dream has been left so far in your past that you only occasionally wonder what happened to those desires, I wanna tell you that they're still within your reach.


The secret I've found with momentum is recognising how the tiniest grains affect the flow. Everything's connected, part of your journey, and it serves that journey if you step out of your own way and let it. I've not been doing as much writing as I normally would over the last week or so, but does that mean I've lost momentum? That question will have different answers depending on your perception.

And that's the key. The key to doing whatever it is you want without burning yourself out, while making time for what really matters outside the focus of that dream you cling to. Our bodies and lives are an ecosystem requiring sustenance and stimulation in a whole host of means. It's our job to realise how we're nourishing it and how each area impacts others. Call it holistic, call it nonsense, call it whatever you want. Truth is, it doesn't matter what you call it. This goes beyond words or names. I get so sick of hearing statements along the lines of, "You must work at this for x hours a day, or else." A common one for us writers is the adage, "To be a writer, you have to write every day." Such a close-minded perspective on momentum like that is gonna drain you. Look for the holistic, the domino effect. You don't have to be writing to be working on your craft or your story, and I believe the same goes for any venture in life. My advice: Don't underestimate the value of anything you do, it's all connected. Listen to yourself and what the 'real you' needs. Appreciate a journey free of judgement, external comparison or fear of what may or may not be. Momentum is a perspective and commitment. See, told ya it was a quickie today 😉

Until next time,

Ciao x


If you enjoyed this post and want to see if this kind of thinking really works to achieve your goals, I'd encourage you to check out my recently released novel. I guarantee, you've not read anything quite like it.

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